The following are some of the many ways we deal with our clients that set us apart from other immigration law firms:

1) As a small company, we give our clients personalized attention. Your case doesn’t transfer around different people like in some big companies.

2) We take the time to educate our clients and make sure they understand how the visa and / or immigration process works.

3) We give our clients and potential clients realistic and honest evaluations of their chances of success and will not accept a client for a case if we are not convinced that we can get that case approved and our record of success confirms this. Some attorneys like to sweeten and overly optimistically evaluate the client’s chances of success saying, “Oh no problem, of course it will work,” then sign contract with client, collect legal fees, file lost case and then he says “sorry, it didn’t work.”

4) We obsess over details in order to get it right the first time.

5) We prepare the legal memoranda, letters and legal documents in which the evidence is really explained and it is clearly and convincingly argued how the evidence shows how the application or claim meets the legal requirements. Some attorneys present a memorandum of law, legal brief, or letter that is little more than a list of documents with little or no explanation.

6) We care for and care about our clients as if they were members of our family. We also interact with our clients in a warm, friendly way, and we like to talk to them. Our clients comment that they find us pleasant and even that it is very pleasant to work with us, unlike their experiences of working with any other law firm. Our testimonials confirm how clients are satisfied with our service and results.

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